Medication & Emergency Care Plans

Arising from the duty of care that Xavier Catholic College owes to our students, there will be occasions when the administration of medication is necessary to support students during the course of the school day and during extra-curricular school activities. To allow us to administer medication to your child(ren) during school hours, please download the form linked below. This can be emailed to

This is a multi-page document. Please take care to ensure all sections are completed, including those to be completed by the prescribing doctor where necessary. We cannot accept incomplete forms.

In line with Diocesan policy, please note the following:

  1. Medical documentation reflecting dosage must be provided to the College before we can administer any medication.
  2. Medication must be provided to College Reception in the original pharmacy-labelled container. We cannot accept prescribed medication without a pharmacy label that clearly identifies the student's name, dosage, and time the medication must be taken. For non-prescribed medication, please contact College Reception regarding the correct procedure. 

Please note that if your child requires paracetamol (non-prescribed) during school hours, a parent/guardian must be phoned for consent each time.

Emergency Care Plans

The College also requires up-to-date Emergency Care plans for students who may require prescribed medication or who have a pre-existing medical condition. Plans must be reviewed by your child's health professional and dated within the past 12 months. Please ensure these are provided in a timely manner so we can best support all students in our care.

Please read the Diocesan Standard Operating Procedure for Administering Medicine for more information.